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Apr 16,    Corrina Township Hall    9 AM


Zebra Mussels Confirmed in Clearwater Lake!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has advised that there is a presence of mature colony zebra mussels in Clearwater Lake in the east basin on the north shore. The colony appears to be 2 to 3 years old. They are going to provide a full report and map of the infested area.  The DNR will be making a public announcement within a few days, along with posting zebra mussel infested water sign at the public accesses.
Any water equipment--particularly docks and lifts--from Clearwater should be decontaminated with a high pressure hot wash before being put in another lake. A local decontamination station is available at J&J Marine 320-236-3625 (west of Annandale on Hwy 55). Some AIS experts believe that zebra mussels can survive for quite some time on equipment--particularly in warm and moist weather. So again, we are recomminding a professional decontamination for any equipment from Clearwater Lake. 

We have over 20 individuals monitoring for Zebra Mussels on Cedar Lake and at this time we have not detected an infestation. However, we must be extra vigilant given the infestation in our sister lake next door. Also, we would like to expand the number of zebra monitors on Cedar. Monitoring involves hanging a small device from your dock and checking it every 2 weeks. Can you help monitor for zebra mussels? If so, please contact Glenn Baird (glennabaird@gmail.com).  


Cedar Lake Conservation Club

PO Box 192

Annandale, MN 55302


Cedar Lake Property Owners:


The Cedar Lake Conservation Club (CLCC) has contracted to treat Curly Leaf Pond Weed (CLP) and Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) both Aquatic Invasive Species, in Cedar Lake in 2016.


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has granted to the CLCC a waiver of the requirements that the Association obtain signatures of approval by owners of lake-shore property.  Instead, the CLCC will notify property owners of the treatment through the:

·         CLCC newsletter which is mailed to all residents of Cedar Lake

·         CLCC website www.cedarlakecc.org

·         Annandale Advocate and Maple Lake Messenger (local weekly newspaper).


With regard for treatment for 2016:

·         The proposed timeline for treatment is May – August

·         The target species for the treatment is CLP and EWM

·         The method of control or  product being used is Aquatic Herbicide appropriate to control CLP and EWM

·         If landowner does NOT want treatment to occur adjacent to the landowner’s property:

Fill out the form below and notify Mike Hankee immediately at the following address, phone number or email address:


Cedar Lake Conservation Club

PO Box 835

Annandale, MN 55302

E-mail: mlhankee@lakedalelink.net

Phone: 651-503-4189



Cedar Lake Conservation Club Board of Directors



I request that no herbicide treatment occur adjacent to our shoreline property.



Signed ________________________________________ Date: _______________________


All requested information must be entered for verification purposes.


Year:                                        Property Identification Number(s):



Property Owners Name(s):



Lake Property Address:






Phone Number(s)   Home:                                        Cell:



Mailing Address (If different from the Cedar Lake Property Address:



Printable version of the above notice


2014 Cedar Lake Fish Survey



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CLCC annual dues are $25, based on calendar year.   Please take a moment to print out the form, and mail with your check today!     Membership Form


*New CRWD website*

The Clearwater River Watershed District (CRWD) has significantly updated their website. www.crwd.org

Under Projects, there are great details about the activities on Cedar (PO6 and AIS) and other work of the CRWD.


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